HIR supports Thames Water with Removal Work

Thames Water is the largest water and wastewater services provider in the UK, supplying millions of litres of water every year to homes and businesses across London and the Thames Valley.

A company of this size naturally has a lot of equipment, facilities and maintenance requirements. As such, Thames Water is always on the lookout for trusted partners to provide the services it requires and meet its high standards.

HIR is a trusted by Thames Water and has carried out much machinery disposal work over a number of years, when the company collected and scrapped a series of machines for the organisation. HIR are Achilles registered to assure peace of mind for all our customers.

So when a series of fan units needed to be collected from one of the organisation’s sewage and treatment works, HIR was called upon to deliver its high standard of service once again.

HIR went to the Thames Water site, collected the fan units using its own equipment, and took them away with minimal fuss and hassle.

These units were then broken down and the precious metals from within them were preserved. HIR then gave Thames Water a rebate for the value of the scrap.

This meant that not only were the units safely disposed of, but Thames Water also received a pleasant amount of money due to the value of the metal within the units they were getting rid of.

So pleased with HIR’s recent work has Thames Water been that the organisation has already hired the company to carry out more collection work at one of its sites in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Years of Experience

HIR has vast experience in metal removal and scrapping work. Using all its own equipment, the company has taken away huge machines for clients of the size of Thames Water in the past, including 10 tonne pumps and other items that require expertise to remove.

Each item has been taken away using HIR’s heavy lifting equipment, before being recycled and the owner receiving a rebate for the value of the scrap metal.

So, if you are in a similar position and require an expert team of experienced removal workers, why not contact HIR and take us up on our collection service for all ferrous and non ferrous metals?

HIR also offers excellent light demolition, site clearance, air conditioning and chiller unit disposal and strip out services. If your needs match those descriptions, HIR would be delighted to hear from you.

Take advantage of our hassle-free service today. Give HIR a call on London 0208 166 1221 or Surrey 01932 450 968, or drop us an email. We’d be delighted to discuss your needs and identify the best approach for you.

Heavylifting6 HIR supports Thames Water with Removal Work
Heavylifting7 HIR supports Thames Water with Removal Work
Heavylifting4 HIR supports Thames Water with Removal Work
Heavylifting5 HIR supports Thames Water with Removal Work
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