The Importance of Scrap Metal Recycling

At HIR, our skillset covers a wide range of services that you can take advantage of as a customer. Whether its site clearance, factory clearance, demolition or strip out work, we have the expertise needed to get things done effectively and quickly.

One of our most popular services is our scrap metal recycling offering. We believe we’re in the perfect position to meet your scape metal needs, whether it’s factory machines, catering equipment and air conditioning units. Our scrap metal collections service is second to none and designed to make your life as easily as possible.

But there’s more to scrap metal recycling than meets the eye. From your point of view, you might think of our service as a handy and convenient way to get rid of scrap metal and make progress with your project.

But in fact, by recycling your scrap metal, you’re helping to make a big environmental difference.

How can recycling scrap metal protect the environment?

Once scrap metal is recycled, it can be referred to as secondary raw materials. Any use of secondary raw materials cuts back on the use of precious natural resources.

So, for example, natural resources such as iron ore are used when making steel. Nickel is used in stainless steel. Alumina and bauxite is used in aluminium smelting.

If recycled metal is used instead however, then the world’s reserves of these materials can be better preserved.

There are plenty of processes in place to utilise the potential of scrap metal. Electric arc furnaces are commonplace in the steelmaking industry today, and use scrap metal as the major raw material. These furnaces are used for making tool steels and stainless steel, which can then be used for a host of purposes.

Copper scrap is another popular option for primary and secondary producers, while scrap aluminium is often used as part of the Hall-Héroult Process – the major industrial process used for aluminium smelting.

According to the British Metals Recycling Association, up to 10 million tonnes of metal can be recycled each year in the UK. In fact, the UK is one of the largest metal scrap exporters in the world, which has a big economic benefit.

But perhaps the biggest benefit is the reduction in emissions. By recycling metal rather than using primary resources, CO2 emissions can be cut down by millions of tonnes every year, while air pollution, water pollution and water usage can all be drastically reduced.

So if want to not only get rid of your scrap metal, but also want to make a positive environmental difference, get in touch with HIR today. We’d be delighted to hear from you and discuss your project and requirements.

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